Reach for Mars

Reach for Mars is a science fiction novel relevant to today's Space Program. Mankind's first journey to Mars is being planned as you read this article. Is this novel a work of science fiction, or shall it become a prophesy?

When the first manned space flight to Mars is launched, a series of unexpected and shattering events unfold. With the intent to start "terra-forming" on Mars, and return to Earth in two years for new astronauts to replace them, the crew of the spaceship faces our galaxy's greatest challenge.

As they fly towards Mars, a nuclear war breaks out on Earth that is so cataclysmic the crew cannot return. What surprises await them on Mars? How will they survive and ensure that humankind is saved from extinction? Follow the riveting story of a space journey like no other in the science fiction Reach for Mars.

The author, G.F. Sheridan was born in Sydney, Australia, where he lived for over forty-five years before retiring and moving south of the border to Lakes Entrance, Victoria, in January, 2010. This is his first novel but he hopes it won't be his last, with a sequel in the pipeline.

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"We were over 166,000,000 kilometers from earth on the night it happened, a long way from home."

Top Gun Fighter pilots Drew and Nick train as astronaughts and, with four others, pilot the Mars One to Mars to terraform the planet. The intention is to stay just long enough to start biodomes, grow vegetation, thaw animal embryo's and begin to change the atmosphere. But as they fly toward Mars they see the tragic sight of Earth being destroyed by nuclear war - turning it into a charcoal wasteland.

Their journey is now a one-way trip and they must console themselves in the fact they are the last humans remaining in the universe. But are they?

The fun really starts when this crew arrives on Mars. The scifi thrills begin and you won't be able to put it down. There is a few surprises for them waiting on Mars.

The dialogues in this book are brilliant! There's lots of humour and quick witted sarcasm which just makes the words soar along the page. It's well written and the characters are great. Let's hope G. F. Sheridan gives another rollicking yarn like this soon! Well done.

 - Mardi Orlando